Lack of Interest on The Government Shut Down

by misfitthoughtss

I haven’t posted in a while, and I wouldn’t usually post something concerning politics but I really feel the need to express my opinion on this.

What the heck is up with my generation?! (Im 20 years old btw)Image

Scrolling down my timeline on my social media networks and I’m honestly shocked and ashamed to see no more than one or two people posting ANY sort of comment or opinion on this shut down. Not that this is the first time i’ve seen this happen.

When you hear the words “The Government has Shutdown” shouldn’t that peak your interest? A least somewhat? Evidently not for my peers. Maybe if and when they did research what the shutdown really entailed they thought “well this doesnt really affect me so whatever” and they move on. Of course this would mean they read a headline or the first few lines of the article that google shows when you search something, perhaps the few more intelligent of my peers ventured a bit further and skimmed one article. I know it might sound pretentious of me to make this judgement, how do I know they’re not at home reading multiple articles and researching the extent of the ramifications this shutdown could potentially have? Maybe they just don’t feel the need to express their opinions about the topic online.

Honestly though, I’m going to go ahead and make the assumption that this isn’t the case. I have faith that I have a fairly basic knowledge on how my peers think, and I can pretty much say with certainty that if they did in fact have an opinion they would be vocalizing it through a keyboard. After all, this is the generation where people post intimate details and opinions on their lives.

All of this leads me to think, “Why the f*** isn’t anyone interested in what is going on in our GOVERNMENT?! The very people that make daily decisions that can greatly affect our lives!!” Im not saying I’m anywhere close to an expert on politics and the Imageinner workings of the American Federal Government, but I can say I take notice when something big happens, and do my best to gather as much knowledge on the situation as possible.

At the end of the day this shut down could result with Obamacare not being implemented for another year! If the shut down last’s a a significant amount of time it can cost the Federal Government over $2 Billion!! As if our economy can handle anymore financial lose. Confidence in the government right now is fragile without this new additional problem. What does it say to the american people when our own government can’t reach an agreement without having to shut themselves down? An agreement that in my personal opinion should be simple, Obamacare will help so many citizens, and greatly increase the chance to save many, many more American lives?

I don’t know how great this disinterest really is, but for the sake of the future of the American people, I hope it isn’t as much as I fear. Beyond the lack of interest in this particular topic lies the interest of Government decisions in general, is it there? If not then what does that mean for the future of the USA? These young adults will one day very soon hold the the cards in their hands.


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